Posted by Kim on Mar 11th 2020


Need some Embroidery inspiration? 

Grab a cup of coffee and your phone, tablet, or computer...

I have designs for all your upcoming projects... St. Patrick's Day is next week :)

There are lots of exciting things happening at Joyful Stitches!

First, we are continuing to offer great designs that are cute & stitch well. 

Also, our website has received a refresh to help you navigate and find exactly what you are looking for quickly. Just use the Shop tab at the top left of the home page or the search box at the top center of the home page. Under the shop tab you will see clickable tabs to help you find what you need from embroidery designs to monogrammed items to products with your custom logo.

Have a business or group and want custom shirts, hats, bags, etc with your logo? We can do that! Contact us!

Those of you who have been buying designs from us for the last 14 years know that we have an Etsy shop. We love Etsy and have been a top 1% seller on that site for many years. Recently, Etsy has made lots of changes that affect sellers and increase the fees that sellers pay to sell on their site. Because of this we have had to increase our prices on their site to cover the new fee structure. We try to keep our prices reasonable for the purchaser, but have determined that changes on Etsy force us to implement these increases. 

The good news?

Prices on
JoyfulStitches.net & KimThompsonEmbroidery.com

are not affected by Etsy or their polices and will remain the same. 

So, Please visit JoyfulStitches.net & KimThompsonEmbroidery.com
to purchase our designs and products at the best prices. 

We are working to make sure all of our products in the Etsy shop are available on our personal website. If you see one that is not, just contact us and we will promptly list it.

Thanks so much for supporting our business and we look forward to many years to come!

Kim Thompson, Owner & Lead Creative
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