Digital Machine Embroidery Design Delivery:

All designs are available for instant download after payment is received. If you pay by electronic check, your downloads will not be available until the echeck clears.

Due to the electronic nature of our products, returns are not accepted and refunds are not available.

****Please save a backup copy of your purchased designs to another source such as an external hard drive, thumb drive, or CD. Computers crash every day and you lose your files when this happens. If you have saved a backup copy it is very easy to restore the files to a new computer. Joyful Stitches will authorize designs for download again upon request of the customer for purchases made within the six months previous to the request. Requests to download designs purchased more six months before the request may be denied. Save a backup copy of all purchases.**** 

Terms of Use for Digital Embroidery Designs:

Designs that you purchase can be stitched on items to be sold, but the designs themselves cannot be sold, traded, shared, or included in any design set. All Joyful Stitches designs are designed and digitized by Joyful Stitches using artwork that has been hand drawn by Joyful Stitches and/or using purchased artwork. All artwork and designs are protected by copyright law.

Joyful Stitches photos may NOT be used in advertising or listings of items to be sold. You may photograph the item that you embroider with Joyful Stitches designs and use your photo in advertising and your listings.

Joyful Stitches designs are machine embroidery files and you need an embroidery machine to stitch these designs. You will need appropriate hardware/software to transfer these designs to your embroidery machine.